OPEN BOX Sofa & Loveseat Sets

Sofa and Loveseat Sets

Make a bold statement in your living room with furniture that exudes comfort, style, and class. At Lux Home Decor, we offer an array of sofa and loveseat sets to add sophisticated charm and effortless elegance to any home. From classic leather designs for those looking for timeless chic to plush velvet seating perfect for creating cozy lounges - explore our selection today!

Comfort and Style

Because comfort and style go hand in hand, we make sure that our loveseat and sofa are both incredibly comfortable and effortlessly stylish. Every piece of furniture we offer has been meticulously crafted by our furniture designers, from the loveseat's plush cushions to the sofa's streamlined lines. We only use the best materials to make opulent, long-lasting...